Bow inspired

From In Style's October 2014 issue comes this inspiration.

This first take is on bows, which I am a fan of.
I'll tack the bib later.

Bow print top Forever 21 - Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Black suede shoes Moleca - Grey bag 

The bow added a formal touch to this outfit.
I am so team bow.


drollgirl said...

it looks so great on you!

team bow is lucky to have you on its team!

Mica said...

Love this outfit! that bow top is a nice touch. I am curious - although based on the print I think I know the answer! but did the bow come with the top? That would be a lovely simple DIY for someone who had some ribbon - just tie a little bow under the collar of a shirt!

If only I had a cute shirt to try that with...most of mine are too 'busy' I don't really have any plain ones!

Away From The Blue

Sybil said...

omg! adorable blouse!

Animated Confessions

Closet Fashionista said...

So cute! I love the girly feel of this look! Might be a little too girly for me to wear personally, but I love seeing other people like that :p

Chronically Vintage said...

Love...massively love!!! Lorena dear, this is one of my favourite outfits you've ever shared with us. On top of adoring the darling bow print blouse for its own merits, I simply love how this whole ensemble has a subtle mid-century vintage vibe to it. So pretty, so feminine, so stylish!

♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

You look so sweet! I love the print of your top!