Saturday necklace

My Saturday by Kate Spade 
rope necklace finally makes 
an appearance.

Jeans Zara - Neon top H&M - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Straw bag
It was purchased in March 2014 - almost a year ago - 

I came across the necklace as I was doing some reorganisation 
in the drawers I keep accessories in, tags still on.

By now I should not be surprised at this happening,
but it still makes me upset.
Why would I buy something if I am going to take
forever to wear it ? Did I love it ? Like it ? Want it? Need it ?

I guess there are some things I will never understand.


Mica said...

It is a cute necklace! :)

I'm finding myself being much stricter with what I buy lately. I am starting to ask myself if I love it more than something similar I already own. Most of the time, I don't, so I put back whatever I had picked up. it's a process though. There are always going to be things I 'had' to have that I end up never wearing I think, but I'm trying to reduce how frequently I do it now!

Away From The Blue

Chronically Vintage said...

Think of it like wine. Yes, wine. Sometimes one needs to give pieces we buy time to age a touch so as to ensure we fully adore and appreciate them when we do finally uncork - or wear - them for the first time.

Big hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I do the same thing. Usually I'm trying to find something to go with it. Now I don't purchase anything unless I have something. It goes great with your top Lorena.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

looking charming! I love the necklace the most - it's so chic! Very nice look!

Inside and Outside Blog

LyddieGal said...

I'm really bad when it comes to names I love. I see Kate Spade anything in TJMaxx and I have to be REALLY critical as to if it is something I love, or something I love because it says 'kate spade'

(really loved the champaign flutes that say pop, fizz, clink, and cheers. MSRP $80, on clearance for $23)