My cat friend

I did some walking this morning before heading to
my meetings.
Striped dress Reserve  - Blue shoes Salvatore Ferragamo vintage
I had this little fellow accompany me through part of the journey.

If I must chose between cats and dogs, it will be dogs.

However cats have a certain independence and carelessness 
that are admirable.

I need some cat traits. 


Porcelina said...

Smashing dress on you, I love stripes but this one is unusual with the vertical stripes down the side. Lovely! x

Chronically Vintage said...

Classic, very elegant dress and whole ensemble. It looks like it would be really comfy for walking in, as you were doing, as well.

♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Gorgeous dress Lorena! I'm not a cat person either. HAHAHAHA

LyddieGal said...

I love this striped dress - it's just so flattering!
I love my dog, and I loved my cat before her. I would never choose a favorite, they are both so unique. You will never open your sweater drawer and find your dog in there. The cat on the other hand...