Full day

Today was supposed to be a day 
full of fun activities that had been planned ahead.

DKNY dress - Zara silver flats - Zara blue patent bag - White cardigan H&M

Original plans included an outdoors flea market, 
visit to a new museum, lunch and then 
a Christmas concert where a friend was performing.

The continuous rainfall forced us to readjust the plans,
our flea market visit was cut short, we had to skip the museum
but were on time for the Christmas concert.

I guess there will be other weekends for the museum.


Mica T said...

That is such a cute dress! A shame your day was rearranged, but hopefully you can go another day! :)

Away From The Blue

Mimi said...

Sorry to hear it was cut short, but I love everything about this look for a day at a flea market or museum, especially the bag!

Aesthetic Lounge

Kim Alston said...

Remember everything happens for a reason! You looked cute!