Up or down a size ?

It must have been back in March
when I picked up this thick stripe
jacket and skirt.

Striped skirt Worthington - Striped jacket Worthington -
Black suede shoes Moleca - Purple bag Coach
I finally wore it today.
To be honest, I think it needs a little
tailoring as the skirt and jacket, were
both a little loose.
However I have to admit that when I am
trying a garment on I usually go up a size.
I am not comfortable in tight clothes.
How about you ?
Are you the one to buy the smaller size
with the idea you'll drop a few pounds to
wear something, or are you like me ?


Bree Aylwin said...

This looks lovely on you. I often buy up a size too. If things are to snug I tend to let them sit in my closet! Comfort is important!


Mica T said...

Oh love that jacket and skirt together - awesome purchases! :)

I find I tend to size down sometimes - only because I love the baggy, oversized things and they are usually much too large on my petite frame if I don't size down. Mostly I just stick to brands and sizes I know when shopping though, or order something in multiple sizes if I'm unsure.

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Kim Alston said...

I buy true to size! Lol No wishful thinking.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

That is the most beautiful suit. I absolutely love it. A great B+W Thick Stripe WOW. Looks so expensive. I buy true to size usually. But if not, I usually go up a size, just like you, especially with dresses and jackets. Unless it is jeans, especially if they have stretch, I go down a size in those, sometime.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

same here! size up better than size down.
looking great in those clothes though, love the stripes!

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