My old mini

Last month while I checked the closet for unworn items
to take to the flea market, there she was: my old mini skirt.

Black mini skirt Fashion Art USA - Orange top Uniform -
Black flats Lavender by Vera Wang  
It's been worn just once before in the blog, it was back in 2010.
It's just too short, however I have held on to it 
because I have had it for at least 18 years. 

But, this is the last time you'll see it.
At least it still fits.

I'd like to hear about the oldest garment in your closet.


Kim Alston said...

Love that orange top on you!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

It still fits you wonderfully. Love that blouse. I think I have clothes as old as 12-13 years but very very few of them.