Eye call

I'm pretty sure this has happened to you,
you've been "eye called".

Blue plaid jumpsuit Zara Trafaluc - Burgundy heeled loafers - Purple bag Coach

Its that moment when you look at someone, well
because they have been looking at you and 
somehow even though you are not seeing it,
the stare is so strong you can sense it...


Closet Fashionista said...

That jumpsuit is so cute!!
And haha, yep, the stare is a lovely thing, isn't it? :p

My Own Fairytale said...

That's a very pretty jumpsuit.
Different than most people are wearing.
Love it.



Kim Alston said...

HaHa Yes! Love your outfit Lorena. I use to have an outfit of that same plaid. Loved it!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yes!!! That is always an unnerving feeling, even if ultimately (say, for example, if it was a lovely chap checking you out) you like the end results.

Love your outfit - it has such a great fall colour palette going on (my fave season and colour scheme, so I'm always drawn to looks featuring it).

♥ Jessica

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

That jumpsuit is stunning, especially with the chiffon blouse overlay. It is the perfect piece that would work for an office environment, also. You look wonderful Lorena.

It feels nice to completely catching up with your blog and finally comment, too. I wish I had more time, I swear.