Zipper explosion

I think the tittle of the post gives my story away.

White skirt Nine West - Vintage twin set Juan Pérez -
Tsubo yellow heels - White vintage stretch belt - Sunglasses Forever 21
As my day ended at work, I sat down and suddenly just 
heard and simultaneously felt the zipper in the back of my 
tanks slowly come apart.

Lucky for me, its a twin set and I was wearing the out shell too,
meaning that it could not be seen.

It only made me imagine of how awful it would be if this happened
elsewhere and to an exposed zipper where you could not cover it...

The zipper explosion just confirmed that I really cannot keep this vintage 
new-to-me twin set.

That is, unless I stop eating the Macadamia cookies from Subway.


Jane Droll said...

such a cute outfit, and i am sorry to here it exploded! ack!

i have had many a wardrobe malfunction. not fun!

in 4th grade i was wearing pants my mom had sewn. i was wiggling on my seat because i needed to go to the bathroom. all of the sudden i heard a terrible terrible terrible TEARING noise, and my pants split all the way down the back seam (ON MY REAR END). horrible! thankfully i had a jacket to wrap around my backside. ugh!

off topic, but thank you for your kind words. hoping things will be ok somehow someway. hoping hoping hoping.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a lovely, summery ensemble, dear Lorena. You suddenly have me wanting a white pencil skirt of my own (and that's nothing I've often said, being a curvy, hourglass shaped gal who tends to avoid solid white bottoms most of the time).

♥ Jessica

Kim Alston said...

HaHaHa Subways cookies are so good. Lorena I have to remember zipper explosion. That is funny! Love your top and skirt.