Let go in July

July was the month I cleaned out my make up drawer.
While I will spare you the details, I let go of eyeshadows, glosses, 
face powders and even long lost forgotten perfumes.

In the clothing department, I decided to let go of a see through 
grey dress from Pink Collection.
While the dress is probably pre blog, its only been worn 3 or 4 times in 
5 years.

I have usually referred to this Casual brand dress as the pom pom dress.
That is, because of the hot pink pom poms it had. However I removed 
them before getting rid of the dress, I have special 
plans for that pom pom trim.
This dress was worn about 4 times on the blog and a few more off the blog.
But, I honestly just got tired of it and at the end sold 
it at a flea market for 1.00 USD

Also in the bag is my vintage like B. Moss brown corduroy skirt.
Worn 4 times in five years. It falls at the hip and I just don't think it
the fit is good, besides I have other brown skirts.

Another item worn 3-4 times in 5 years is this pink turtle neck top by Merona.
I was not comfortable and it looked terrible.

Bluenotes vest, worn 9 times in 5 years.
Looking through the pictures I was not smitten
by any of the looks, and I sold it for 2.00 USD 
at the flea market.

Lacoste argyle turquoise vest, worn 4 times during 5 years.
I took it to the flea market, see if I could sell it but 
someone loved it so much, they stole it :´(

My sailor like Feline top, purchased in June 2012 for 16.99 USD, did not last
long in my closet. The fabric started piling very quickly, worn 4 times taking 
it to 4.25 USD per wear… sold it for 3.00 USD at the flea market.

Forever 21 pink and black striped tank top, worn about 3 times on the blog.
When I wore it last I realised it had 4 holes in the back :/

My mint Zara sweater purchased in February 2012 for 25.95 USD,
 I feel like I have been wearing it ever since. Worn 11 times, taking it 
to 2.35 USD per wear. I love the sweater but it is in bad shape, it's
acrylic and has pulled threads that don't make it look polished.

A vintage Escada blouse, purchased in 2011
at a thrift shop for 3.50 USD.
Worn 3 times.
Sold at the flea market for 10.00 USD.

The red and white striped Exclusive! cardigan has been around since 2012.
Worn at least 8 times, it was piling, had a tiny hole and the buttons were
losing their gold tone, so I also got rid of it.

A pink tank top from Cotton Phase also worn about 5 times in 5 years.
I just have too many tank tops and don't wear them that much.
Just cannot see the point of having them take precious closet space.

My black military like jacket by Culture purchased sometime in 2009.
Purchased for 5.99 USD and "customised by me", it was worn 6 times.
I can't button it, I don't wear it enough and it just feels a little 
costumey every time I do.
So, I decided that I am done with it, sold it at the flea market for 5.00 USD.

Also in the bag, these brown trousers from Banana Republic.
Worn at least 7 times, they were a bit low for my taste and 
after looking at pictures I realised the fit was not the best.
Oh and I have a feeling it was going to tear in the back are
at any moment...

My silver and black foam earrings.
So light, so cute, but never worn.
So, off they go.

My gold tone Tous bear like chain bracelet was scratched and colour was fading.
Worn very few times, I sold it at the flea market for a 1.00 USD.

Grey ribbon and pearl bracelet. It was a gift from a friend
and I did get to wear it, however the pearls began to peel
and reveal the plastic underneath and I just thought it 
was better to let go. Sold it for a 1.00 USD at the flea market.

This vintage like lace choker had been in my drawer for over 5 years.
I never ever even tried it on, I think it's a beautiful piece but apparently is does
not match my style.
Sold it at the flea market for 1.00 USD.

Carolina Herrera like pink pearl and lace 
necklace, I actually made this piece.
Wore it a few times but not enough to keep.
Sold it for 6.00 USD at the flea market.

I have a small collection of vintage collars that were handed down to me
by my great aunt. I don't wear them much and even though I know
that when it comes to vintage, pieces are not perfect, this pearl
collar had a lot of the pearls peeling and since I have several of
them, I decided to let go of this one, sold at the flea market 
for 18.00 USD

Shoes: my Acquilles heel.
I sold the Divided by H&M suede flats because I bought them a year ago and just never wore them, sold them for 5.00 USD.

My black vintage Chandler buckle shoes.
They were a hand me down never worn as they 
were tight and also the patent material became sticky.
So, off they went.

Paid 20.00 USD for these BGBG Generation blue shoes 
in New Mexico, November 2012. Worn about 18 times, 
taking it to about one dollar per wear.

These brown Coach wedges have been around since 2010.
I remember buying them on line for about 80.00 USD or so.
Only wore them about 10 times in 5 years, taking it to 8.00 USD per wear.
Unfortunately the wedge part just doesn't hold the weight and collapsed.
So off they go.

These American Eagle purple flats from Payless have been 
around since 2010. I cannot remember how much I paid for them.
Wore them at least 15 times on the blog, however they are no
longer in use.

My flower black bucket bag, has been around for at least 10 years.
Hardly ever worn, I am thinking once or twice in 5 years ?
Sold it at the flea market for 3.00 USD.

Gold sequin scarf which I never ever wore. 
It was in the closet with the tags and I still love it.
But in a few years I have not even tried it on.
So I sold it at the flea market for 5.00 USD

Bow clutch, purchased and worn once in 2010 - 
so I sold it for a 1.00 USD. 

28 items!


Mica T said...

A very successful month for closet clean outs! :) Glad you managed to sell so much at the market :)

Away From The Blue

Pia J said...

Good job cleaning out that closet! I so need to do this, just can't get motivated. Can't believe someone stole your vest! Hope it went to a good home.


Sheila said...

You did awesome at the flea market! It feels good to get rid of things that are taking up space!

lorenabr said...


Kim Alston said...

You got rid of a lot Lorena! At least you got a lot of wear out of everything.

ana said...

Oye pues que bien que pudiste venderlos! aquí la ropa no se vende bien... mejor la dono a mis primas...