Flea Market Coming Up

There's a flea market coming up where  
I'm gonna be participating in as a vendor.
It's my second one.

Green top Apt. 9 - Black shorts - Green flats Vitoria Ferreira
I am looking forward to the possibility of selling some of my clothes.
Currently, I am in the process of cleaning the closet and deciding
what to sell. 
Black corduroy Guess bag 
This time around the green top I am wearing and the black corduroy bag from Guess will be on the clothes horse for sale :)


Mimi said...

Have fun, both look like they are in great condition, I'm sure it will be nice to make some extra room in your closet too!

Aesthetic Lounge

Mica T said...

I really like that green top - shame it is leaving, but like Mimi says above me, extra room in your wardrobe is always good! Hope you have a great day selling at the markets!

Away From The Blue

Kim Alston said...

But they're so cute! I love your flats.

Jane Droll said...

i hope the sales go well!

i like the green top!