On 50th Street

For a change I did some walking.

Shorts Willi Smith - White jacket - Salmon striped tank top Volar -
Silver flats Zara - Grey patent bag Milano
This time, it was 50th street, which is two blocks from 
home and one block from work.

It's one of the main streets in my country and is quite historic as 
when we had a military dictatorship it was the place to meet.

All of the pacific protests were held here.
At lunch time, people would stand on the sidewalks, like the one
I am standing in today with white handkerchieves as a sign of peace.

I remember watching the news as a child and seeing the military police 
gas and beat protesters - many were then arrested and tortured.

Its kind of nice to see this street is now just for transit, now and then
we'll have the occasional protest but without the awful aftermath.
At least for now.


Closet Fashionista said...

Such a bright Summery outfit! Walking is good for the soul, haha.
A little scary about all those protests and stuff though....

Kim Alston said...

Thank God it has changed! Love your orange shorts and glitter flats.