May Purchases

This month's purchases:

Vince Camuto black patent pumps for 59.99 USD.
I needed a pair of black pumps.

Kelsey Dagger grey and yellow pumps for 39.99 USD.
I loved the unusual combination here, plus I have a rule regarding shoes.
Whenever a colored shoe leaves the closet, never replace it with the same
color shoe. That way I oblige myself to come up with other 
combinations with outfits. Helps creativity flow.

Two striped dresses (probably fro Gap) for 9.99 USD each.

Intensity brand sleeveless white lace detail for 5.99 USD

Save the Twinkie t-shirt for 10.00 USD.
I love Twinkies and practically mourned when they could not 
be found on the shelf.

A Willi Smith pair of shorts, that are the perfect length for 7.99 USD.

A natural water pearl combo of: necklace, bracelet and earrings, all three for 20.00 USD - purchased in Bolivia.

White and black turbans for 1.95 USD each, I had been hunting for these.

Also picked up two belts, on sale one for 1.59 USD and the other for 2.09 USD.

Finally a Mango Casual MNG military green jumper on sale for 6.99 USD.
I tried it on because it seemed like an unusual piece and I automatically 
fell in love with it.

 May total was 190.03 USD.


Debra Lynn Mejia said...

Wow! You got some great deals in May! I really like those grey and yellow pumps. Unusual combo and kind of a 1940's look to them.

Jane Droll said...

the jumper is my favorite! cute!

Kim Alston said...

Awesome everything Lorena! Enjoy your new purchases.

LyddieGal said...

First of all, LOVE that white lace blouse, second, what is this discount store you shop at?
Chic on the Cheap