April editions

Here it is, another month of closet edits,
this is what left the closet:

My Insolite Paris shirt, it's been around for at least 10 years.
Worn just 3 times, it never fit quite well.

Yellow Da Moda top worn on the blog 5 times.
A little faded and I don't wear it enough.
I also admit its a little tight.

Yellow cardigan by Laura Petites, worn 4 times in almost five years and 
I have to admit that I am not a fan of short sleeve cardigans.

My Mossimo grey tank top, its just in bad shape and I
never wear it.

My Merona jean shorts.
Worn 4 times on the blog since 2009 and at least
5 more times off the blog on weekends for gardening.
They have always been tight.

Also gone are my Da Moda by Periority bermudas.
Low waisted, not the best fit.

Worn twice on the blog once in 2009 and the other in 2011.
TO thees brown suede trousers' defense, they are suede and I live
in a tropical climate… however they were tight. 

My blue striped Sweet Lady dress.
Purchased August 2011 for 10.99 USD, worn 4-5
times... I got an ice cream stain on it I could not get rid off.
So, I am letting it go.

My H&M flats, purchased in New York for 12.95 USD back in February 2012.
Worn at least 15 times for doing a lot of walking, my cost per wear was
about 0.85 cents.

Zapatinho de Luxo pink shoes, purchased in Brazil 2011 for about 50 bucks.
Scuffed, just had to let them go.

Also leaving are these Michael Kors red flats. 
They were a hand me down, however they hurt my foot.
Off they go.

Black bead bracelet, it began to fall apart and it was just taking up space.

A Mickey Mouse animal print hair pony tail band.

Another item that was falling apart was this black glitter clutch I loved.
It was a purchase from Payless, so it was easy letting go. 

For April: 14 items


Kelly Roy said...

I'm an edit my wardrobe freak, too.You purged all these things wisely. Not big fun of yellow,right?

Sheila said...

I love your editing - you are ruthless!

Kim Alston said...

i just edited a few more things out of my closet. a little here and there helps. good for you lorena. you're so good at it.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

WOW you did really good last month. Too bad about both of those pairs of red flats since they are adorable and the B+W striped maxi. That is such an easy, nice, versatile dress to have and I am currently looking for a similar one.

You will be happy to know that over my closet madness (by madness I mean a thorough cleaning, getting out the Spring/Summer clothes for the year) I got rid of 44 items of my own, 12 of my husband's and at least 50 items of Vivian's. It felt good.