Walking in Santa Cruz

We have been walking the city of Santa Cruz for work.

Black dress H&M - Leopard print flats Me Too

We've had beautiful weather and meetings have gone well.

I have been trying all the local foods
and also fruits I had never heard of before...

Even though it's been hard work, I have 
been enjoying the sights.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love exploring a new place.
Lovely snaps.

Mica T said...

Love the black shirt dress with the leopard print flats! :)

Glad that you are enjoying your work trip! :)

Away From Blue

Kim Alston said...

It's good to walk around and see the area. Love your outfit and those shoes look so good with it.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Your leopard flats are so lovely!!! They remind me that I really need to sport the leopard peep-toe pumps I thrifted in early 2013 on my blog one of these days. They're amongst, if not "the", sexiest shoes I own. Not everyday footwear by any means, but well worth whipping out occasionally - always much to my husband's delight! :)

♥ Jessica

Oranges and Apples said...

what a beautiful place! Wish i could visit somewhere like that for work!