Roberto Cavalli fragrances will always
have a place in my heart.

It was one of the first fragrance brands that
I worked with.
For over a week now I have been spraying
Roberto Cavalli's Serpentine - launched back in 2005.

I loved it the first time I smelled it - and continue 
to do so, specially the exotic mango note…

This fragrance for me is the equivalent of success.

Do you have a fragrance that means something special ?


Mica T said...

Cute bottle! :)

All of my perfumes bring back different memories for me - they all seem to have special events or occasions they remind me of :)

Away From The Blue

Kim Alston said...

It sounds delightful Lorena! I love WISH by Lollia.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That bottle is really gorgeous - not to mention a bit alluring. The snake motif reminds me of some of the snake themed jewelry that was popular during the Victorian era on through to the 30s.

♥ Jessica

Londyn said...

OMG - I LOVE that fragrance, but never want to spend the money for it, so I just take the samples like I'm smuggling drugs... LOL :)