March buys

March was full of trips.
March was full of temptations.

Without further.. here's what went in the closet:

Purchased a navy blue striped top from Ralph Lauren's outlet for 17.99 USD.

A bright red top from MNG Mango for 14.97 USD 
purchased at JC Penney's.

Also from JC Penney a striped skirt for 18.00 USD and the matching blazer 28.62 USD by Worthington, both on sale. 

Another item from JC Penney was this navy blue polka dot
sweater by Liz Claiborne, on sale for 10.57 USD

Thrifted this Abbie Mags houndstooth print button down shirt for 4.45 USD

Also from the thrift shop a red and black striped Ship ´n Shore 
button down shirt for 4.45 USD (I think it's vintage!) 

Also thrifted, two head scarves by GAP for 1.45 USD - 0.72 cents each!

I picked up a magazine like clutch bag made by Sasha for 15.98 USD

Textile bracelets on sale at Walmart for 0.75 cents each.
They remind me of the very popular Cruciani bracelets.

Also from Walmart a black t shirt from Danskin for 3.96 USD.
Black t shirts are a must have.

I also visited TJ Maxx, I had to !
I picked up a pair teal sunglasses by Kenneth Cole Reaction for 12.99 USD.

Also in TJ Maxx I picked up a Half Circle Skirt from Saturday 
(Kate Spade's cheaper line) for 16.99 USD.

I also picked up some necklaces from the Kate Spade Saturday line:
one blue and red made from rope and textile chain black and white
one, each for 9.99 USD.

As if it was not enough shopping, I also visited Zara, on sale.
Picked up this grey TRF top for 9.99 USD.

Then a blue, black and beige top from Zara Collection on sale for 12.99 USD.

Also a Chanel inspired extra large pearl necklace for 19.95 USD.

A leopard print Zara Basic blazer on sale for 19.99 USD.

A blue jumpsuit from Trafaluc Zara for 15.99 USD.

Another purchase was this acrylic Mafalda cuff for 4.00 USD.
I picked it up at San Telmo street market in Argentina.

To top it off, I also bought stuff on line.

Like this red monogram necklace via Etsy for 19.49 USD.

or these black suede sunglasses via Swell for 16.19 USD.

The total for the month of March was about 291.64 USD.

I am still looking for receipts...


Debra Lynn Mejia said...

Wow! It looks like you got some great deals. And everything seems to coordinate. I love the Jackie O sunglasses at the end. I really need some new sun glasses too.

I always get sick after a long trip too :( Hope you feel better soon.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a diverse, fantastic array of new wardrobe additions! I especially love the houndstooth shirt and rose patterned Gap headscarf.

♥ Jessica

Kim Alston said...

you purchased some really cool printed items.