December Closet Edits

Editing never ends and although the month of December 
is always hectic, I was able to get rid of some items.

First runner up, a fuchsia Neiman Marcus bag - worn at least 23 times.
It began to fall apart.

Then my Y Apparel flower print dress. Worn twice in this blog's life.
Decided it was time to let it go, I don´t wear it enough.

Black and white Scarlett dress.
It's also gone, I wore it once in this blog's lifetime, it was ill fitting.
Length was off, the chest area fit was also off. I just wonder what took me 
so long to decide to get rid of it. I guess it was because it looked good 
on the hanger.

I remember when I bought this Alfred Dunner sweater, 
the color of the year was "rust".
It did not get much wear and at the end there was piling on the fabric.

I had been looking for a light blue button down shirt for a while 
as I consider it a basic. Wore it at least 10 times in 4 years,
many times just for layering.
When I purchased this Merona one back in I thought I hit jackpot.
However looking back at the pictures of how I have worn 
it one thing continually pops up - and open
and it's the fact that the button on the shirt 
seems to be popping. So off it goes.

These trousers Land's End have been places, they've accompanied 
me on many trips. Worn at least 11 times on the blog.
However last time I wore them I realised it was tight and 
unforgiving on showing flaws.

Also leaving my closet is the GO International for Target black zipper jacket.
At the end it was too difficult to wear and I was never happy
 with the final result.

7 items out of the closet this month.

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