November editing

Clothes have a lifespan.
The lifespan in your closet and the lifespan 
of the garment construction itself.
In my case, for shoes I basically wear
them until they fall apart.
The same goes for bags.
Now, for garments it's a different story.
I hold on. 
Hold on waiting for the garment to be trendy again.
Waiting for the garment to fit me again.
Waiting to find another garment to pair it with...
The bad part is that in order to justify the existence of 
the garment in my closet I force myself to wear it
and sometimes end up with crappy outfits.
Long story short:
The blog helps me edit.
This month I have edited items that have in my 
closet for a short time, like this fuchsia sweater from 
New York & Co. which I bought November 2012 for 4.27 USD.
In one year I wore it about 7 times, leaving cost per wear at 0.60 cents.
It was piling and the boatneck was too wide and I had to 
tug on it all the time and my bra strap was showing :(

Another item in the bag: a piling cardigan from American Raglie.

Also in the bag, my white short sleeve jacket from Best Jeans.
I wore few times and aren't short sleeve jackets so passé ?

Another item I got rid of was this pair of beige shorts from Ralph Lauren.
They were a gift from mom from about 6 years or so.
They're stained, a bit high waisted and tight on me.

Another item is this white linen vintage Naf Naf skirt which 
was a hand me down.
It was too tight and had tiny holes I could see.
Tiny holes are a thing I cannot bear to see in an garment,
so I let go.

I also went through my earring drawer and decided to really purge it.
I got rid of earrings I've had and have never worn, of those that are just not my style, of those where the gold tone has faded away.

Many of them were parts of a set, they came with a necklace. 
But it came to my attention that even though I wore the necklaces, 
the earrings I did not really like.
I got rid of vintage pearl earrings, chandeliers and a few necklaces.

A feather hair pin, a Puma pin and a bracelet 
were the last to go in the bag.
At the end it was 13 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces, 
one bracelet, one pin and hair accessory. 

My orange Franco Sarto loafers. This orange is so very Hèrmes.
They have been in the closet for at least 9 years and get very little wear.
(about 5 times in 5 years..)

Also in the bag a red Tous wallet that was in bad shape.
It's at least 4 years old so I got my money's worth.
(It actually looks quite nice in the picture).

Closet edits: 26 items this month.


Pia J said...

Great job editing! I need to do more of this.


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

WOW that is a lot. I would have loved to have had a bunch of those earrings, especially the drop earrings. Currently those are more of my style. Everything else had to go though. I am surprised you wore those Loafers so little.