Learning how to shop

We learn many things throughout our lives.
The first we learn from family.
I think that one of them are our shopping habits.

Saltworks jeans - Mint belt H&M - White t shirt St. John's Bay
They depend on many things that vary from 
income to needs and I will not get into that. 
In my case, I do not recall "going shopping"
as a weekend activity, while growing up.
I recall going grocery shopping, shopping for a gift 
for someone's birthday or shopping for school stuff.
Maybe shopping for something nice to wear on Easter.

Nicole Lee red bag - Forever 21 pearl and handcuffs necklace -
Black Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges
I honestly don't remember when this changed.
Probably in my teens, when I wanted to choose
mostly brands I wanted to wear. 
Sure, you hear quality over quantity so much
these days - which is something that makes
all the sense in the world... but, many of us do not
practice it, myself included.

Zoya Godiva nail polish

These days it seems like you are tempted all the time.
Tempted to buy.
Wether it's a coupon code you get on line, a catalogue
through the mail, post on your favourite blog, the super
sale advertised on tv or the huge sale sign at the store-
it all directs you to the same place: the cashier.

Where am I going with this ?
Habits are difficult to change, but not impossible to - 
and there are shopping habits I'd like to change.


Pia J said...

I hear ya! It is so true, so hard to change these shopping habits. I have slowly changed a small amount but am still so tempted every time I set foot in a mall.


Mica T said...

Love that nail polish!

When I started earning my own money as a teen it was fun and easy to go shopping with it. I used to go shopping at least once a week, very different from when I was growing up! I'm much more relaxed about it now. Even if I do go shopping, I'm mainly browsing :) I'm trying to be more thoughtful with my purchases, even with all of the sales on at the moment!

Away From The Blue

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

This was a great post. I shop way too much. I still do even with the baby. In my defense (this year at least) I had set aside money to shop with while in the States as I prefer the shopping and sales there way more. But I plan on doing a lengthy post on my blog soon, for this topic, so stay tuned. I do agree about what you said about coupons and ads and such as we all fall prey to them. And like you I shop a lot more quantity than quality.

I do love your necklace though.