Pink watch

This first week of October has proven to 
be quite challenging.
Orange ruffle top - H&M black cropped trousers -
Moleca black suede shoes
With barely any time on my hands,
 I have managed to pull through.

However busy we may be, it's important to stop and
take time to get checked: it's breast cancer
awareness month.

It's vital to take care of yourself. 

To remind myself, I wore a pink watch.


London Loafers said...

Lovely outfit! :)


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I'm loving all those ruffles!

Jo said...

A good move to wear pink in the form of accessories for breast cancer awareness month! I think I would do that too!

Kim Alston said...

great pink watch lorena and I love that striped/ruffled top on you. it looks so pretty.

LyddieGal said...

No matter how little time we have, we do have to remember to take care of ourselves. It's funny how we hard we push ourselves to get things done and never stop, but if we aren't careful, we get sick, and then we have to stop. and when we do, the world, somehow does not fall apart.
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