October editions

I get excited when I see that many items leave my closet.
It gives me a fake sense of liberation.
I say fake, because I usually buy things throughout the 
month - usually more than I let go.
Sure, I have said that I would try to buy only
when I let go of a similar item.
However this has not happened yet.

My edits for this month include a Liz Claiborne high waisted trouser 
fit pair of jeans - they just did not fit well. Period.

Another pair of Liz Claiborne trousers, this time a black pair.
Purchased in August 2011 for the sum of 5.99 USD.
Worn about 4-5 times in this time. 
It's high waisted and I think
meant for someone taller... plus when I 
looked back at the pictures of me wearing it, 
I was not that happy on the fit.

Bye, bye to a Junction West cardigan.

A light green tank top from Mossimo also left.

Also my very old black lace flats from Pecadora.

My teal Chinese Laundry pumps. They were really scuffed....

My Daniblack shoes.
They were originally blue but I dyed them... 
got a ton of wear out of them however they need to go.

My Le Sportsac flats. They're basically falling apart
as you can tell.

The brown Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals needed a
well deserved retirement.

In October 9 items left my closet.
How many items left yours ?


Jo said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog a while back and leaving me a lovely note.

Well, I do feel very happy getting rid of things in my closet too. I simply need the space and I feel really accomplished whenever I could declutter my room. Congrats on being able to take 9 items away from your closet.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I have way too many things in my closet, I need to streamline and clean out more too.

Kim Alston said...

It feels good to get rid of things. I got rid of about 10 things just this weekend. LOL I have about 20 new things I want. LOL

LyddieGal said...

Well, this month a whole bunch of things left (which is unusual, of course) but I need to be more vigilant about getting stuff out like you!
Chic on the Cheap

Pia J said...

Great job editing! Wish I could say the same but I think I only got rid of one item. I was however, good at not buying anything new. One shirt out one shirt in.


Kristen said...

Isn't it amazing when you really look at your shoes and realize how scuffed and worn they are? That's the biggest thing I still marvel over when I do my monthly edits (And yes, I am still doing them!).

Delane said...

I love al my kate Spade bags. They are built to last.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Great riddance this month. Maybe you could have fixed the last pair of shoes though. As you know I love this monthly post of yours.