Tshirt + Necklace

This post was totally inspired by this one from Respect the Shoes.

Gap jeans - Pink t shirt Barcelona - Green sweater Zara -
Blue flats Zara - Pearl necklace Forever 21
In my little head a necklace and t shirt are usually
not worn together - however when I saw how perfectly well 
it did go together in Lisa's outfit, I had to try it. 

My look is very messy compared to Lisa's polished outfit,
but I think you'll get the idea, it's all about the tshirt and necklace.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Aw, thanks for the link love!

I adore that cute tee - what a sweet little devil! ;o)

miss b said...

The flats from Zara are cute - versatile colour too.

Kim Alston said...

So cute together!