It takes about 2 years to learn to speak ...

Red jeans Old Navy Sweetheart - Button down shirt Polo Ralph Lauren -
 Zara blue suede flats - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction
But, it takes a lifetime to learn what not to speak.

Kello Kitty sunglasses

How's August treating you ?


Jane Droll said...

so true!!!

lovemaegan's brother has a very good philosophy: always opt for awkward silence. hahahahha i try to keep that in mind, but many times i blurt out inappropriate things anyway!

Kim Alston said...

HAHAHAHA Lorena! Some talk too much! Love those hello kitty sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

Very, very true. It's something I'm currently working on. ;)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Aside from a doctor's visit yesterday that I'd much rather forget (nothing bad happened to me, I was just massively unimpressed with the doctor's attitude and lack of compassion), August hasn't been to bad yet at all. Tony's birthday this past Monday was a great, and I'm to get out at least a little this weekend to celebrate our town's annual peach festival (which is about far more than just peaches - it's basically a few days filled with tons of different local festivities).

♥ Jessica

*PS* Super cute butterfly nails!