Sunglass Inspiration

While flipping through the InStyle March 2013 issue
I stopped at this page --- oh sunglasses, how I love thee !
I have a "thing" for sunnies, cheap or expensive, I am 
always trying a pair on.

Suddenly I realized that for some reason one of the sunnies 
on the magazine looked vaguely familiar...

It's because I have a similar pair, my Michael Kors sunnies
which I will try to wear more often - instant wardrobe update !


Kim Alston said...

I love oversize sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

I was shopping for sunglasses this weekend and thought of you! You always seem to have fun, big sunglasses that don't overwhelm your face. I can't seem to find a pair that doesn't make me look like a child wearing my mother's sunglasses from the 70's.

Jessica Cangiano said...

In principle, I love sunglasses, too, but they're not the easiest thing for me to buy. Between my pesky nickel allergy (which means I pretty much always avoid any exposed metal on anything I wear in case it contains nickel) and needing prescription lenses, I usually only own a pair or two at time (at the moment, I just have one - but I really love them!).

♥ Jessica