Striped again

I have read at other blogs that when it comes to
organising the closet, people tend to separate work
clothes from weekend wear and such.

H&M striped dress - Presumida flats - Vintage gold pearl ring -Ferragamo red clutch
I don't.
I think that this limits your choices.
I wore this dress to work and then wore it 
to pasta night with the family.
I could also wear this to the beach.

I think it helps with getting the cost per wear down...


Always Maylee said...

Such a cute striped dress!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Franca said...

I don't do this either! I just shove everything in together to be honest. sometimes I tidy but it never lasts!

Sheila said...

I have some things that are "party only" (a few pairs of shoes, and a half-dozen dresses), but everything else in my closet is fair game!

Mica said...

Nice dress! I like how practical it is :)

I don't have enough room in one wardrobe for all of my clothes, I have a work wardrobe, casual wardrobe and a rack for casual dresses. Only way I can fit everything in. I need to downsize!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Love this elegant, gorgeous red and gold purse - oh my word, I want one just like it now!

I don't sort my closet that way either. I sort it by garment type and then by colour (in a rainbow pattern) for each type of garment. This way I can instantly see what I have, in each colour, for all categories of clothing. It makes getting dressed such a snap!

♥ Jessica