When I was in school I remember that if
I traveled for vacation, I usually sent my friends
a postcard.

J.Jill dress - Black flats Presumidas - Michael Kors sunglasses
Friends on vacation would usually do the same.
In fact I still keep a few which include one from
Kenya and another from Turkey.
Those were the days when people actually did some handwriting.
When was the last time - if ever - that you sent a postcard ?


Jenniya said...

Nice postcard! :) nice idea dear.

XX, IamJenniya
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Sheila said...

I send postcards whenever I travel abroad (i.e. not to Vancouver!) - I think it's fun, even if a little old-fashioned these days.

Mica said...

Such a nice neutral dress, I like it belted! :)

I just received a postcard last week from my sister! Whenever we go overseas we send postcards - they are so fun to get in the mail! :)

J. said...

I also used to do that, but I honestly don't remember when I did that the last time now. Kind of sad, really...

Kim Alston said...

HAHAHA! It's been a really long time. I use to love receiving those. I love the graphics you used for these pics Lorena.

Jane Droll said...

i haven't written a post card in DECADES. how sad! however, i send thank you cards all the time. i LOVE beautiful stationary. just love it.

if you like stationery, notecards, etc., next time you are in the u.s. you should visit a place called the paper source. it is incredible! papyrus is pretty good too. but i bet you have amazing stationery stores where you live too!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very cool photo postcard! I refuse to give up sending handwritten notes, letters and postcards, and regularly correspond with numerous friends and relatives around the world this way. Best I can recall, the last time I sent a postcard out was this past May (to a friend is the US).

♥ Jessica