All stripes

You may have noticed that lately I have been doing 
more inspired by posts, the reason is simple:
I have been reading my magazines !

In the April 2013 issue of InStyle I came across a striped jacket,
that made me think of one I have and never use.

Blue and white striped blazer Modern Amusement 
Although I confess to being a fan of all things striped, 
sometimes it feels too much
like a sailor costume as I tend to pair it with yellow and red - which I 
think is the reason I do not wear this striped jacket that much.

Franco Sarto red flats - Blue dress Color Collection

That being said, I guess it means that I need to learn how to wear this particular garment.
Any suggestions ?
How'd you wear it ?


Jessica Cangiano said...

You look marvelous, dear Lorena! I think I'd steer it in the same direction that you did - over a solid coloured, classic garment. Navy and white make for a very versatile palette, so depending on what colour dress (or blouse, sweater, etc) you partnered it with, you could take it in various directions from French chi to nautical to preppy (and no doubt many others, too). I'd be inclined to try it with teal, chocolate brown, emerald green, and mustard yellow (in different outfits, I mean - all together could be a bit much!).

♥ Jessica

Mica said...

Love that striped blazer on you! It's great you can get outfit inspiration from your magazines :)

I think like Jessica above says, over a block of solid colour is great. It would fantastic with jeans too!

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, that looks so good! I love the denim dress, striped blazer and your red shoes. They match perfectly with each other. Magazines can be great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Gasp! It's a shame you don't wear this jacket more because it's beautiful and right on trend. I love the look you're wearing here with the denim dress. Like Jessica said, I think it would look fantastic with green.