Pocket dress

I searched for this dress on line, found nothing.

Anne Klein white dress - H&M black cardigan - Moleca black suede shoes
I went to the local Anne Klein store, nothing.
They'd never even seen it.

Then I went to a department store that carries the brand.
Went to 4 of them, they said it was sold out.

But I did not listen, I searched the racks...
and found it, just one in my size: my slanted pocket dress, 
which looks so much like the YSL skirt I had been dreaming of.
I don't take no for an answer.
I choose when to accept a no.


Kim Alston said...

amen sista! i don't take no for an answer either. go after what you want. that is a gorgeous dress!

LOLA FINN said...

Very elegant :) and your nail design is soooo great!! love it :)
xxo from Munich

Anne said...

Lovely dress! Have a good week:)

Mica said...

So glad you got it despite the hassle! :)

ana said...

me gusta mucho tu vestido!!! te ves super bonita y elegante

Jessica Cangiano said...

Way to go, honey! I love your sartorial tenacity! The lengthy hunt was more than worth - you look like a million dollars!

♥ Jessica

Kristen said...

I love that dress. So pretty and so bold and different, but in a simple way.