Monkeying around

I was playing around with the PicMonkey picture editor.

Oscar De La Renta Lavender top - Eileen Fisher lavender cardigan 
And these were the results.

Flower print skirt Tracy Evans - Black and gold weges Guess

I usually keep my editing very limited, because I lack
time and also skills.

Roberto Cavalli black bag
It's my personal opinion that when you edit too
much lose a bit of identity.

Maybe I would not think that way if I did know how to edit.

Gold vintage pendant 
Do you use any particular picture editing tool ?


Always Maylee said...

Super cute, love the skirt on you!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Anne said...

You look great...i never really spend much time editing photos. Enjoy the weekend:)

Witchcrafted Life said...

I tend to agree - especially when we're talking about blog photos, not say, ones for a glossy magazine or published book. I'm all for a little bit of editing (and of course it's cool just to have fun sometimes like with these cute shots), but there's no need to (proverbially) airbrush each and every shot to no end (I never do so with my outfit snaps either).

Very pretty skirt - I am such a fan of vibrant florals set on black backgrounds.

♥ Jessica

Lisa said...

Love love love the top.

Mica said...

Such fun edits! All I do is resize and crop my blog photos, I just use Paint.Net for that, it's the easiest I've found so far! :) Similar to the programs I used in school, but free :)

The Dragonfruit said...

yeah, editing can be tricky, but I usually only use Pixlr to slightly tough up photos. Fun skirt girl!

Trendy Teal

J. said...

Nope, I am really bad at all this editing stuff too, haha!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Only to add script or borders. HaHaHa

LyddieGal said...

cute photos! I agree, I like to keep things simple, just make everything look a little brighter, a little sharper, and eliminate all pimples ;)

Love your pendant, it's so pretty!
Chic on the Cheap

Franca said...

I'm pretty good at editing now, but it's taken a long time to get there! Love the skirt!

Anonymous said...

I still LOVE that skirt! I usually crop my photos and sometimes warm them up a little if the exposure makes me look particularly pasty. I wish I knew more about photography and photo editing, but I personally prefer photos to look real. (That said, I love your photo with the falling light speckles.) It's always weird to seem someone's family photos where everyone is practically unrecognizable because they've been so touched up.