Buttoned Up

I felt so 80's this morning as I
walked out the door with my button up shirt.

Orange button down shirt Forever 21 - Pearl necklace Forever 21
I remember going to parties and sporting the buttoned up
shirt look - at the time I would place a brooch at the collar.

Levi's jeans Sandybell reissue -
Black bag Roberto Cavalli - Blue wedges BCBG
Oh and once again my spot for taking pictures was taken.
Yet another bike.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

HaHa Lorena! I use to do the SAME thing back then. HaHa Great color top!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

button up is never wrong. perfect 80s

Inside and Outside Blog

Anonymous said...

I totally remember that! I think it was especially stylish to pair it with a deep v-necked oversized sweater and leggings.


I love shirts like this and have always thought that it was stylish and conservative. I love the orange colour! have a nice weekend. x/Madison

drollgirl said...

i felt so 80's. that made me laugh!!!!

Judy C said...

It's fabulous. But why limit it to a certain decade. It's be in and out for many decades. And it still looks fresh.

Mica said...

Love your nails and your bright top! You need a little sign to start reserving your spot for photos, haha! :)

Chronically Vintage said...

You look elegant and stylish in a fully buttoned shirt. I've always liked that look myself, and sport it regularly if I'm wearing a buttoned shirt or shirtwaist dress (especially during the chillier months). I love putting a cameo or other brooch on the collar, too (it channels everything from the Victorians right up to the 1980s, as you mentioned).

Have an awesome weekend, dear Lorena!

♥ Jessica

Franca said...

I didn't know that was an eighties thing! I love the shirt anyway!

Qué Acierto! said...

Yo el año pasado también me apunté a esta tendencia pero la verdad, ahora no me encuentro tan bien con ella.