Oy, Oy, Oy
I guess human kind never ceases to surprise us.
Let me tell you a story....
I'm going to school to get a degree in education.
My last project for a class is due today, it was assigned weeks ago.
We have to do it in groups formed by 2, how hard can that be, right ?

Beige George top - Michael Kors skirt - Marc Fisher black and beige flats - Roberto Cavalli black bag 
My partner is a guy in his late 40's, an executive at a pharmaceutical company.
I email him on Friday and ask him if he has done anything, 
as we had agreed to send each other material via email and work on the project.
Sunday morning as I sit in front of my computer working on the assigned piece,
I get an email from him and a word document, where he sends his work.
I read the first two lines and just knew that this was a copy-paste from
another project.

I immediately googled it and there it was, total plagiarism.
It was exactly the same ! The guy did not change even a coma !
I cannot tell you how upset I was, total disrespect.
I immediately emailed him sending him the link where I found his "project"
 and let him know that this already had been done and that he could use
that project but that I was doing my own.
Can you believe this ?


Katie Aman said...

What?! Ugh, I don't understand how people think they can get away with that-especially a grown man! Good for you for doing your own work. Group projects are such the pits! At any rate, you look just gorgeous in this ensemble. That top looks like the perfect material and is such a pretty creme color! Plus, girl you have the most toned legs. I'm jealous :) Also, I'm a size 10, Medium normally :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh jeez!! People are SO DUMB! How can they think they will get away with that....
In other news I love your outfit too :)

Lisa said...

Lorena...I am so glad you did that. He should be confronted, especially if you are working in a group and your grade may be dependent on his work. He must be very stupid; there is software that any professor can use to detect plagiarism.
Students don't think teachers can detect it, but even without the software...I promise you, we can.

Stacey said...

No Way!!! what was his response? that is horrible!! Good for you that you recognized it!!

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh wow, it just doesn't matter your age, people will remain the same...ugh! That's so discouraging and just angering too. That's outright stealing.
Way to tell him what was up though!
Anyway, loooove this pretty blue print skirt you're rocking. You look amazing :)

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A Very Sweet Blog said...

my mom is a professor and they kick people out of school for that crap! he knows better. he's not going to be there long. good for you for staying away from it.

joshylola said...

Ohhh y esta aún más, es una falda preciosa

Delane said...

yes. Sadly. People are lazy. I'm all for proper citation.