My March edits

March was an odd month.
However I got some editing done.
Good, conscious, simple edits.

My first item to go this month was a pair of 7 For All Mankind Jeans.
They never fit well but I kept holding on to them because of the brand.
Another one was my New York & Company cut off jeans.
They weren't doing me any favours. 
They were low cut and the
length was never right.

This pair of Levi´s jeans use to be long. 
But, I had them shortened because I thought they would look better. 
I wore them like this for over 8 years 
only to realize NOW that the length was so wrong. 
My bootcut Levi's left too. I wore them a lot but
after taking a few front and back pictures I realized
they were not helping me in any deparment.
These black trousers by Mary McFadden also left.
They were a bit high waisted, which I am ok with, but 
I took some pictures from the back and it really looked bad.
Also the black color had faded a bit and I did not see any reason
to keep it as I have plenty of other black trousers that fit better.

I also got rid of a green Tangerine brand t shirt. I never wore it and when I finally did, I realized it the color was fading.

My Zara grey turtle neck sweater was never worn.
The fabric was clingy, the turtle neck was wide and the
length was odd. 
Also decided to let go of my purple long dress from the Cherish brand.
I paid about 30.00 USD for this dress a few years back.
Worn about 8 or 9 times, so 3.00 USD per wear is not bad.
But after a couple of washes it began to shrink and it no longer hit 
the floor but more or less my ankles. The length became odd.
Also the thin fabric began to pile and then I found a hole in it.

My piyama drawer also got a second look and my Faded Glory and my Tommy Hilfiger pjs were no longer acceptable.

I also let go of a charm bracelet as the plastic beads
lost color and it looked tarnished.
11 items.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am going to start editiing my wardrobe this week too.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It's important to purge things from your closet. Taking pictures really helps. I'm doing the same thing. Have a great week Lorena.

Anonymous said...

Great job purging in March! It's hard to let go of items that are starting to fade because that usually means you loved them and wore them quite a bit. And for me, jewelry is always hard.

Unknown said...

Great post!
Fashion for Beauty

Kristen said...

Nice job with the jeans. Those are hard to gauge sometimes.
I think I am going to tackle shoes next month. You with me?