Maggie's gift

In January I celebrated a birthday.

Striped t shirt Poof -  H&M neon necklace - 7 For All Mankind jeans - White blazer -
Innovativi wedges - Roberto Cavalli black bag
I did not really do much as it was a school night and I was
not in the mood to really do something.

Lucky for me, my friends do not care if I had a party or not -
they still showed up a few days later with some really nice gifts.

Today I am wearing what Maggie gave me:
a light, soft, pretty striped shirt - that goes beautifully 
with my H&M necklace.

What are you wearing today ?
Anything gifted ?


LyddieGal said...

I love your neon necklace! It's great that your friends don't forget about you even when you don't have a party. and are those silver nails I spy? LOVE!

(and today I'm wearing a necklace my mom gave me for christmas, nothing sentimental, just something shiny I wouldn't shut up about at tjmaxx)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Awww, that shirt is nice! what a really nice gift. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! We should always celebrate it the way WE want to celebrate it. Love your necklace too Lorena. A friend gave me a gift card to jcrew. So i bought some cute flats with it.

Lisa said...

How nice to have such thoughtful friends.
Love your casual look, Lorena.

Cool Vanity said...

Me encanta el look , el collar es precioso. Los pantalones aún no los he estrenado si quieres posteo un look con ello semana que viene y coincidimo. Bss.

Mica said...

What a lovely gift - it does pair well with your necklace :) Hope you had a lovely birthday despite being busy :)

Giuli said...

Maybe I'm late for your birthday but let me tell you how cool is your necklace. Coral color with yellow of your t-shirt: BEST LOOK!
Wonderful Women's Day!

Chronically Vintage said...

I simply adore the vivid, elegantly feminine pink of the stones in this terrific necklace. The world needs more of that hue, if you ask me! :)

♥ Jessica