John A.

John is such a common name, 
that I am pretty sure most of you have had
a boyfriend named John.
Laura Ashley vintage blouse - H&M black trousers - Melissa red heels - Roberto Cavalli black bag

I know I did once, a long time ago when I was in high school
and I had not seen him since.

Seen him since today.
I ran into him during a work visit to a store.

So, I stop and look at him.
He's sitting down, waiting for his turn.
Old. Overweight... I barely recognize him.

I pass him and feel bad, bad that I did not say hello.

So, as I am leaving I pass in from of him again and decide to stop,
be courteous and civilized and say hello.
He says hi and then I realize he doesn't know who I am.
So I figure that he lost his memory pretty early on or
that I have changed -

Do you run into people who you have known and have them
not recognize you ?


Jessica Cangiano said...

Yes, I've run into people from my past who didn't recognize me before. I don't look very much like I did as a child/teenager, and when you factor in my vintage wardrobe, it doesn't usually strike me as odd when someone doesn't remember me (in a way I almost take it as a compliment, because I think I - humbly - look a lot better as an adult than I did back in my school days).

♥ Jessica

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

My brother is called John which made me smile. I live 40 miles from whre I grew up so have never run into any old boyfriends but I do find the women I know have aged much better than the men.

Mica said...

Lovely outfit - I like the detail on your top and your red heels :)

Anne said...

I have moved away from where I grew up too, so rarely see people I knew when I get home to visit! I love your blouse:)

J. said...

No, not really. I think I haven't changed that much... or at least I hope I haven't. But it often happens to me that I don't recognize people, and that's not a nice feeling in any way.
Love the outfit by the way :)

Kristen said...

He didn't recognize you?? His loss. Seriously!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

hahahaha! only once has that happened to me. oh well. beautiful top! love the details around the neckline and cuff.

Lisa said...

I love how feminine and delicate this beautiful blouse is, Lorena.