Jeans re-examined

Here I am one day reading Respect the Shoes.
So, one day Lisa tried on all of her jeans and took pictures
of how they fit from: the front, sides and back. Ouch.
Certain items started leaving her closet.
Although she did not post about the entire process, I
thought I would do the same and document it.
This, so later on I have NO regrets on why I got
rid of the jeans or why I kept them.
SO, I started..

Levi´s slim fit jeans - gone wrong.
Too high waisted, front is also bad.
But for some reason I wore them a lot, maybe I had not taken the time to
see them from behind... or I did and did not care to look twice.

Here´s proof I wore it a lot, I also just realized that it looked a bit better
when I did not tuck the shirt in.
On the brightside, I got my money's worth as I bought these
 jeans on sale in February 2011 for 12.99 usd and wore
them over 30 times.
Now comes another case from my closet:
Jeans gone very wrong: 7 For All Mankind Jeans
Awful from every angle and yet they lived in my closet for a few years.
They got out quite frequently as I refered to them as my "fat jeans".
Fat jeans are those that still fit when you are 10 pounds your regular weight.
Once again, these kinda work with jackets.
For me letting go of ill fitting jeans or ill fitting anything is
usually a process where I have to convince myself. I know-cuckoo.
I got rid of even more jeans than just the two pictured -
you'll see them in my edit post for March.
However 2 ill fitting jeans seemed like all the
embarrasement I could take in one post.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

hahaha lorena! it is so hard to find a jean that is stylish and fits in all the right places. i admire you girl! i've had my share of jean fiasco's. they looked great when styled though! weird.

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh man, I tell you, good fitting denim jeans is the hardest thing to shop for! Way to go in weaning the bad ones out of your closet though.

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Lisa said...

If I could ban jeans, I would! But I have just banned them from my closet. Its so frustrating to try and purchase jeans that fit and flatter and it always made me feel bad about myself so I just don't buy or wear them!

Unknown said...

aw, what a nice post!!
great blog, enjoy reading it. wondering if you wanna follow each other?
we could stay in touch though. just let me know.
best wishes and happy easter - weekend!!

LyddieGal said...

I think we all tend to settle a bit when it comes to jeans. They are so hard to find and often we are after a certain cut or color and when we finally get it, we don't want to see how bad they look.

glad you said adios to these two though!

I hope much better versions find their way to you.
Chic on the Cheap

Shybiker said...

It's not my place to tell women how to dress and, certainly, the demands of modern living make it hard to always look good. So I understand why many wear jeans for comfort or just convenience. That said, I hate jeans. To me, they're the opposite of fashion. But my view shouldn't influence you or anyone else. We all get to make our own decisions.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great post Lorena. I must do the same. Although I have to say most peopel will not view you from an unflattering camera angle.

Bold Barbara said...

I love your style!!!

Franca said...

you know, I do't think you have anything to be embarrassed about. They don't look perfect from all the angles, but they look good together with the other clothes!

Sheila said...

That is such a good idea to get an objective look at how your jeans really look. I am not much of a jeans fan myself, but I think both pairs look better when you're working an outfit, than in the "mug shot" photos.