These days I am wearing Delices de Cartier.
This is actually the first time I use a fragrance from Cartier.
Growing up I recall being totally in love with
their Santos fragrance for men.
So, when I tried Delices I hoped the same would happen.
It didn't.
The bottle is gorgeous, deep red and just looks like a work of art.
The scent is supposed to be fruity with cherries on the top note.
Accompained by jazmine and pink pepper.
For once in a long time, I could not smell any specific note.
The fragrance does not last long and the dry down is very soft.
So soft that I could no longer smell the fragrance.
Fortunately for me, this was a gift - but, if I had to buy it
again I would probably just pass.
Have you tried Delices ?
What are you wearing these days ?

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Lisa said...

I haven't tried sounds beautiful though.
I agree that the bottle is a work of art. I think you need to keep it forever!