Suited again

The black suit is back in action.

Da Moda black suit - Jessica Simpson snake print wedges - Forever 21 Pink top
This time around it made its appearance to work,
followed by a meeting and then to class.
Sometimes I forget how easy it is to wear a suit.

Then I remember the reason I don't wear suits that often
is because they remind me of uniforms.

I stay away from uniforms because I had a job where I wore
a uniform.... it was many years ago and while I loved the
job... the uniform was not loved.


Shybiker said...

I understand your aversion to uniforms (which I share) but this suit is so stylish on you. Very elegant. Its masculinity emphasizes your inherent (and very attractive) femininity.

Biba said...

The suit looks great on you. And oh my goodness, you have my dream pair of sunglasses! Lucky you :)

Sharda said...

Very elegant looking outfit; love it!

Lisa said...

Its a great look on you, though. Love the pale pink nails with the dark tips!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

fabulous suit! i especially love the top underneath.

Delane said...

looks great. I'm a suit gal, they are easy for travel and getting ready quickly.