Subway time travel

I can't remember how old I was the first time I rode the subway.
But, I am almost sure it was the NYC Subway. 
(there's no subway where I live - it's under construction)

Near the Cloisters

I have always had the feeling that when you enter a subway, 
in this case NY city's it's like you are traveling in time.

The NYC subway is over a hundred years old and it had and continues to 
have additions, it makes sense that the stations 
have details from different eras.

While some are more colorful and artistic than others, to me
 they are magical and as I said: they take my mind to other days.

Central Park

For example, the mosaic signs can be seen in many stations - 
these are from the early 1900's up to the early 30's- 
they happen to be one of my favorites.

For me riding the subway is always an experience.

While for some it's part of the daily routine, a burden or a necessity - 
for me it's fun.


Shybiker said...

I agree. It is fun. And I ride the same NYC subways for the same experiences you describe. Nice photos.

LyddieGal said...

I never thought about how the subway stations are all from different decades; it really is like taking a trip through time.
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A Very Sweet Blog said...

i've never rode one. i bet it's an experience! hahaha love the mosaics.

Lisa said...

This is a gorgeous place.