I am still trying to figure how this white button down shirt
made it from the give away bag 
all the way to the bag of garments to pressed.

Da Moda trousers - Off Shore white button down shirt - Oscar De La Renta  brown sweater -
Fergalicious beige peep toe pumps - Black bag Roberto Cavalli - Michael Kors sunglasses
Somehow it ended up in my closet again - 

The only explanation that I can give is that it ran away.
Little does it know that it's actually going back to the give away bag,
the maximum security give away bag-


Trini said...

Hey! i lovee yor blog! some days ago i've opened my beauty blog. So if you can join my blog it would be the world to me! thank you!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

haha lorena! it looks great on you. i love it with that outfit. i think you should keep it a little longer (at least). hahaha

Mica said...

I think the shirt looks great on you, you should keep it! :)

Really like the blue necklace with the brown too :)

Londyn said...

Adore this look on you. That necklace is beautiful!

Kristen said...

Love this whole outfit. Brown and blue go so well together, and I am glad the white shirt survived to live another day!