My Avatar

A few weeks ago I decided to transition from 
Blackberry to Nokia Windows.
I downloaded a few games and got hooked on 
Alpha Jax, a game similar to Scrabble.
While playing I realized that other participants had avatars 
and I did not, so I decided to create one.
After choosing skin, hair and eye color came the clothes.
What would my avatar wear ?
So I turned and asked the person next to me,
and asked
"What do you think my avatar should wear ?
DO you like this ?" 
and I pointed to my avatar wearing a skirt and a top.
He looked at me and answered
"Something layered, you always wear something with a cardigan or
jacket over it, you always layer "

I do it without noticing or even thinking about it.
It comes natural.
So I went back and looked at my outfits on the blog
and the truth hit me...

I layer to go to work. 

I wear cardigans with trousers.

I wear cardigans with skirts and over dresses.
Well, maybe I have en excuse here... the air conditioner is freezing at work.

I wear layers over tshirts or button down shirts with jeans.

I wear jackets over tanks and tube tops.
I do it on the weekends too.

Oh and over jumpsuits too.

I even wore a cardi to go to the beach...

I think I suffer from layer-itis.

Now, seriously, is there anything that you gravitate towards
when putting an outfit together?


Judy C said...

I don't see anything wrong with layers. They often add interest to an outfit that wouldn't otherwise be there. And I can see the cardis allow you to wear things that otherwise might not work in the office. You layer really well.

Anne said...

I love cardis layered over dresses and think they add a bit of interest to the overall look:)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

he's very observant! hahaha i think other people are best at seeing us for who we truly are when it comes to fashion & beauty. you layer well!

Kristen said...

Ha, how observant! I actually would not have thought of that for you -- while you do often layer you also wear just blouses far more often than I do. I think it has to to with the weather... :)

Megan G said...

I like wearing full skirts or slouchy tops. I want comfort no matter what I'm wearing.

I think a cardigan is your go-to piece!

Chronically Vintage said...

Fear not, I have major layer-itis, too. Layers are such a must in Canada, where the weather can change from one extreme to another at the drop of a hat (case in point, several years ago when I lived in the city of Calgary, Alberta, I experienced the weather go from snowy and -20C to sunny and +20 in the span of just 24 hours!).

I love all of your outfits here, especially the one with the orange trousers (they're awesome!).

♥ Jessica

Lisa said...

All of these outfits are very pretty...but the best, in my humble opinion, is the black drew with the green cardigan! Lovely.

Mica said...

I think you layer well so should be proud of it!

I'm not skilled at layering being a Queenslander it's not often called for, and many times I struggle with knowing what else to add to keep me warm but still go with my outfit!