As I downloaded these pictures,
all I could think of is how windy it was on Saturday
and how my hair kept getting in the way.

DKNY boyfriend jeans - Mango MNG t shirt - Black cardigan Belldini -
animal print shoes Anne Klein - black tote

Little would anyone know how much I struggle to keep that hair
on my head. 

You see, I have androgenic alopecia, serious hair loss.

It's been an ongoing problem that comes and goes
and lately it's gotten serious.

It may sound a little vain - at the end it's just hair.

Sometimes we are more than just meets the eye.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I think it is brave of you to admit to that, since for women (and a lot of men too), hair is such a source of vanity. We are more than what we look like and you are beautiful inside and out. (Plus I think your hair looks pretty good in these pics, wind and all).

Londyn said...

I like your wind-swept look!!

Unknown said...

I think the windswept look is good, too! I had a friend in high school with the same condition who took to wearing stylish scarves in her hair.

Sheila said...

I had no idea! I would never know that looking at you.

You do look lovely in your casual outfit.

coco said...

beautiful !

Stacey said...

wow, I had no idea, especially since your hair is long and gorgeous. I love reading your blog :)

Shybiker said...

Hair is a big deal, especially for women. I sympathize with your struggle. Another blogger (Jessica of Chronically Vintage) just decided to shave her head and wear wigs full-time 'cause her hair thinned so much. And she's much younger than you. Good luck, buddy.

Mica said...

I had no idea, you would never know from looking at your photos as your hair always looks so long and healthy! A friend has alopecia and it comes and goes for her too, it can be quite distressing for her and I imagine you too, so I hope you manage to get ontop of it.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

wow! you could never tell! your hair always looks healthy and great. cute outfit lorena.