Drinking spree

Everyone knows that when you don't drink enough water you dehydrate.

DKNY boyfriends jeans - MNG Mango t shirt - Brown jacket Marc Segal -
Jessica Simpson snake print wedges - Trina bag

Recently I visited a nutritionist and was evaluated, happens one of 
the tests indicated that I did not have enough water in my body !
Something that did not surprise me, as I don't drink a lot of water.

I also took a little time to read about what happens when your body 
does not get enough water.
First of all, I was surprised to read that you can survive over a 
month without food but only about 3 days without water.

So, now I am on a drinking spree.
Let me say that again, a water drinking spree.


Anne said...

love your outfit:) I need to drink more water too!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I don't drink much water either.I love your jacket/jeans combo.

LyddieGal said...

I have been really trying to drink more water, it is so important and so easily ignored.

I see you've been making an effort to build your outfits around that printed bag :)

Lisa said...

I'm on board too....I need more water. I've been trying; its not always easy.

Mica said...

Love the second photo with the little owl! Adorable addition :) Your outfit is so nice with the statement necklace too.

Over here it's summer and it's really important to be drinking water - I'm always feeling like I'm not drinking enough, and have a bottle or a glass beside me at all times. It's really important. Hope you get into the habit :)

drollgirl said...

lol. i applaud your drinking spree! lol

i drink a fair amount of water, but also a fair amount of tea. i think one cancels out the other since tea is a diuretic. it is best to mostly drink water. i have to do a better job of that!

Kristen said...

I drink tons of water, especially in the summer. It's definitely important!

Love the contrasting blues against the neutrals in your outfit.


nice outfit :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

hahaha! i need to do the same. LOVE your outfit! it's so cute! love that bubble necklace.