A Review: My 2012 Closet Edits

Closet edits are all about letting go.
This year I let go of about 122 pieces.
During 2011 I gave away about 66 pieces.
Meaning I more than doubled my edits.
Here's what left my closet this year...
and there are absolutely no regrets :)

Dress image via clker

Skirt image via Supercoloring

Shoe image via easyvector

Bag image via Boredpanda

Shirt image via clker

Image via how-to-draw-funny-cartoons

Image via ratesupermarket

Scarf image via tuxpaint
Necklace image via clker

Sunglasses image via How to draw cartoons on line

How about you ?
How was your closet editing for 2012 ?


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I need to edit. ASAP.

Mica said...

Wow you did really well with your editing!

I managed to donate my old items twice which is a good rate for me, and as I went through my wardrobe to tidy it yesterday I started a new bag of donations so I think I'm doing well. Should try to keep track of numbers like you do!

LyddieGal said...

I have not kept track - but I know I can always stand to get rid of more, especially since my intake is so um... large.

I'm glad there are no regrets - here is to a better edited closet in 2013!

Chic on the Cheap

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

That is so cool! I should've tracked mine, because I gave away A LOT!! HAHAHA Lorena, you always give me the idea of looking at things differently. I LOVE that you think outside the box. HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLL! Can't wait to read your 2013 post. ((hug))

Kristen said...

I don't have a count for the whole year, but I did a massive purge so I probably beat your numbers.

That said, I much prefer the slower monthly approach, and am looking forward to seeing how many items that turns out to be next year!


Wow, that's amazing, you've been busy. I have not catalogued mine so specifically, just about tossed 5 -6 bags full. Happy New Year dear.

ana said...

yo ya eliminé algunas cosas pero ahora también tengo que depurar el de Sebastián!! se me junta su ropa y luego ya no le queda! este post esta padrísimo tengo que hacer uno igual o por lo menos para mi jeje