Las Vegas

I was so sick that for a moment I thought I 
would have to put off my trip to Vegas.

Valerie Bertinelli burgundy trousers - Tommy Hilfiger striped sweater - Vera Wang Lavender black flats -
Michael Kors black bag - Pink scarf

But, after three days I was almost totally recovered and 

headed on to Las Vegas.

This place is like Disney... for grown ups.


ana said...

Ay hace mucho que no me pasaba por tu blog!!! que bien que fuiste a Las Vegas! yo todavía no conozco...!!!

Elegance Personified said...

I have never been to Vegas either and would love to go one day. Your comparison to Disney for adults is very appropriate, I think. These photos are amazing, especially the last one WOW!! I love the chic outfit too. Nice Oxblood pants paired with the stripes & pink scarf. =)

Lisa said...

Love the pink scarf! I have to visit Vegas someday!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

It's FUN! No place like it!