Where are they going ?

I follow a couple of blogs.
Most of them are of real people, just like
me who take pictures of what they wore to work
or to do everyday stuff.

H&M Black trousers - Black y shirt Daisy Fuentes - H&M gold tone necklace - Michael Kors black bag -
Karen Scott animal print shoes vintage

Then, there is another group of bloggers that I also read that dress 
up like they have a cocktail party every single day.

They walk the streets in heels, ride public transportation in silk and
I can only ask myself.... is this real ?

Where are they going ?


Elegance Personified said...

I hope I fall under the first category (I know I do). I certainly have a real life and real-life problems, therefore a real, every day style. As much as I would love dressing up, where the heck would I go wearing silk dresses, cocktail wear and stilettos every day? The same question you ask about those bloggers, is the same I would ask. Ehhh. To each their own! =)

Missing You. <3 Ada.

Anne said...

Would love to wear silk dresses and heels but I doubt they would fit in with my daily routine LOL!!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHAHA Lorena! I can't fathom it possible either. I think they are glamour shots taken on a separate day for a photoshoot for their blog. I just can't see it happening! Love your outfit and shoes girl! Ugggh, the notes to her perfume! I'm definitely not even going to try it. LOL

Milex said...

You look so amazing, I am like totally in love with you!

Shybiker said...

Oh, I like this outfit. So attractive. And your point about pretending to have a glamorous life is valid.

Kristen said...

Hahahaha, very funny point.

Sidenote: we should compare what we purge from our closets every month. I will definitely be linking to your posts on it! :)

Mica said...

I like both blogs! I blog what I wear every day, and enjoy those like you that blog what they wear too.

But it's nice to look at the beautifully polished photo shoots on other blogs, like a glossy magazine! I don't think any of it is real life, just a photoshoot for the blog!