On the beach

It's a funny thing.
I live in a country that has plenty of beautiful beaches.

In fact, the city I live in sits right in front of the sea,
however I never go to the beach.

But, while in Cancun, I had the urge to actually go to the beach.

Not only to feel the cool sand but also to just lay in the sun - 
which is so unlike me.
I do not tan well, I burn.

I applied as much sunblock as I could and just took in all the beauty of the beach.

Luckily enough, the beach was not crowded as it is low season in Cancun.

It's also the time for turtle babies to return to the ocean.
I hope this little one gets to live a full long life.


Franca said...

I love turtles!

Delane said...

I love the beach and the sun and I tan and burn..thus sunscreen is essential.

Mica said...

Oh wow that turtle pic is so cute! Beautiful! :)

drollgirl said...

i just love the close up picture of the birds with the blue blue blue sky. perfecto!

i love the beach. but i do not love a beach with a ton of people. it is too much! but a nice, quiet beach without too many people is just heavenly!