Those tacky tshirts

When I was in high school I loved t shirts with messages on them.

7 For all mankind jeans - Pink tshirt Campus - Pierre Dumas silver flats - Mint bag Emilie M.

Now I think most of them are tacky.

Specially those "souvenier ones" that have
the name of a vacation spot.

A good example is the one I am wearing which translates into:
"Sometimes an angel,
Sometimes a demon,
but always me"

I bought this shirt for me in a vacation in Barcelona a few years back....
and I know I make no sense!


Elegance Personified said...

Your silver loafers are so cute and comfy. I own a bunch of loafers and mocassins and come Fall, they will get a lot of wear out of me. =)

Mica said...

I like your silver shoes :)

I think graphic tees are quite fun :)

joshylola said...

Qué bien, me encanta BCN, es bonita la camiseta