Christmas shopping

The tittle of this post might sound a little off, 
as we are still 4 months away from Christmas.

Fire Los Angeles dress - Payless wedges - Purple Kenneth Cole Reaction bag 

However on Sunday I began shopping for Christmas gifts.

I know I'm early.

But, it's actually a really good time to do it - I had the mall all to myself.
Salespeople were not busy so they could help and 
I took all the time I needed to get things I really liked.

When are you starting ?


Bonnie said...

It never hurts to get started early when it comes to Christmas shopping.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

elpuntodelola said...

Precioso vestido, estas muy guapa. Besitos

Carla said...

Hey!!! Thanks for your comment :-) I'm ok!! LOL I just have neglected my blog. If only they'd make a iPhone friendly blog app! It's so inconvenient on my phone :-( I'm on instagram posting all my stuff! It's so much easier via phone haha. Hope you and your dogs are well!'

Anne said...

You look amazing...fabulous maxi:) I always mean to start early but never really get into it before December!

Sheila said...

I haven't started, but you're smart to get going early!

Love your maxi dress!

Mica said...

Love the print on your maxi dress, it's beautiful!

You're so organised too start Christmas shopping now! I have no idea what I will be buying people!

Lisa said...

I adore that maxi dress.

I think I need to shop for Christmas now! I really don't like last minute shopping..the crowds, the pressure.

ana said...

Súper prevenida! Yo los hago en octubre... Es que aparte en diciembre todo esta mas caro

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Lorena, you are one smart cookie! Because I hate the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls during November and December. When I had a big list, I always started in July. My list is much smaller nowadays. HaHaHa I was so shocked to read that list of items and even more so to know I was eating everything on the list. Well, now we know! :D

Emma said...

I usually start Christmas shopping in September lol. That is a Gorgeous dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I just put a new post up.

cosesdenoies said...

Are you buying x'mas gifts on August???

Una catalana fora de Catalunya???

Una abraçada,