August edits

More items left my closet this month.
Started out with three paris of shoes:
My fabric wedges Zoe and Zac from Payless which were in bad shape
and my black and white Bandolino shoes, which
did not get much wear.

My third pair were silver flats from Pierre Dumas.
Worn only 8 times and purchased in October 2011 for 12.99 USD.
This purchase was a failure. 
Shoes did not even last a year!
The cost per wear did not even make it to one dollar per wear and 
the shoes began to fall apart. 

Also a few tops left.
One of them was my Forever 21 blue top.
I remember buying it in San Francisco at least 5 years ago.
It was beginning to fade, so off it goes.

My white Jh collection top also left.
I never wear it and when I do, it's not easy, I usually
have to work it - so off it goes.

Another white button down, this one from Da Moda -
I really never wear it, plus the area in then neck was
beginning to yellow - so off it goes.

My Tapemeasure black lace top.
It's faded and has only been worn 4 times in 3 years.

Also faded is my 4 teen black top.
I cannot tell you how much I use to love this shirt.
However in that last 3 years it has only been worn twice.

My black Zara wrap jacket gets very little wear, 
it looks good but does not feel right... 

Also my grey Merona top, gets no wear.
I do not see a valid reason to keep it.

A turquoise scarf that has been around for at least 8 years
is also leaving, corners have begun to fringe.

I also let a swim suit go.
I wore it to go swimming one night only to realize that
the elastic had stretched out and that it could cause some serious
wardrobe malfunction, so off it goes.

With all the above listed.. I have let go of 
92 items year to date... 

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drollgirl said...

sometimes it is easy to let things go. sometimes not so much. sometimes i feel panicky when a favorite pair of shoes starts to look worn. it is so hard to find, good, affordable, comfortable and stylish shoes. at least it is for me! most shoes are so UNCOMFORTABLE. i can't stand it when my feet hurt!

p.s. thank you for your sweet comment. old age + poor family communication = not very much fun. sigh.