My blog's 3

Three years ago I did my first outfit post.
I thought I would go back like many other bloggers and wear the
same outfit again.

Black trousers Rafaella - Carven tank top - lace tan top Express - Black cardigan - Black pumps Oh Deer! -
Michael Kors black bag

A funny thing happened.
All of the items I wore on my very first post were gone: 
the bag, the shoes, the trousers, the jacket...
Due to my constant closet cleaning I realized I had given them all away.
With just exception, one garment: a lace top by Express.

So I wore that lace top that is a survivor - again today.

Here's how it was worn three years ago.
Time flies.


Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lorena!

I saw Panama on one of your post - so this is where you are from, always wondered, or is it written somewhere on your blog?

Congrats 3 years! times flies, yeap! Looking good and since i have known you blog i saw an evolution in the style, yes!

More colors! that is a start!

Sorry if i am not always around -


Sheila said...

Happy 3 years! I don't have a single item left from my first wardrobe post (in 2008) - maybe the earrings?

Emma said...

Loving this Chic ensemble. The lace top adds a lot to this look. I wear a lot of my outfits multiple times. This is a good look and definitely should be revisited.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You still wear it so well.

Mica said...

I really like this outfit with the lace top :) The cardigan is perfect with it :)

LyddieGal said...

I like your new and improved version, you got rid of those things for a reason - don't look back!

Londyn said...

So sassy!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiverary! I don't think I could replicate my first post either.

Emily said...

Happy birthday to your adorable blog! That lace top is very pretty, I'm glad you've kept it. I love how you wore it back then, and I love how you're wearing it now even more. You look so gorgeous!

May the force be with you.

ana said...

Muy muy guapa! te va muy bien el cabello lacĂ­o y suelto